Anti Violence Tour

South Africa Anti Violence Tour, November 2011


It was a documentary I saw in 2011 that informed me that a woman in South Africa is raped every 27 seconds.

It was our first international destination. Patrick Moore flew from Sydney to Johannesburg, then took a train to  to Mandela Square, where a South African woman ‘launched’ the Stop One Billion Punches project by throwing a “Jab for Justice” – a punch into a soft pad that had the figure “One Billion” painted on it. One woman told us that 90% of the women in the town of Hammanskraal were being abused.


A group of women came together and we talked, then ran a mini workshop. I had taken a big bag of pads with me from Australia, which were used for some self defense moves but also as a symbolic gesture of strength and defiance.

African women are powerful, passionate people. In every country I have been to, I have seen and felt their strength from within. I have also witnessed flashes of pain and fear, which can take over us if we let them. After the villages, we visited some other townships and conducted many street interviews with the women and girls. We dropped into a girls soccer tournament and held a huge jab for justice protest.