Stronger Outback Tour

September/October 2013


Patrick William Moore was invited by the Wirrimanu Aboriginal Corporation in Balgo, West Australia to conduct a Stronger Mind, Stronger Body Tour of Aboriginal communities including Mulan, Balgo, Billiluna – approximately 8 Hours drive south of Kununurra, where the movie “Australia” was filmed.


Patrick volunteered his time and gave his empowerment and fitness programs and talks for free. Travel Expenses were  funded by Anglicare in West Australia. Patrick joined a small team including Jason Roberts, Youth & Community Development Officer for Wirrimanu Aboriginal Corporation and Nicole Jeffrey-Dawes of Anglicare WA. During this 2 week tour starting on Monday 23 September we conducted three core types of programs across 3 communities.

1. You Are Stronger Than You Think: Women’s empowerment – focusing on handling conflict and self defence

2. Fitness Boxing – Focusing on Boxing (for fitness) and Martial Arts to be implemented into the new Balgo gym

3. Train the Trainer – so the the programs are sustainable

After travelling the world spreading the Stronger message, to India, Nepal, South Africa and Indonesia, it is a great honor to be invited to Australia’s Indigenous communities. After all, these people have been living in this country for more than 50 000 years, while white man arrived less than 300 years ago.   The tour was short and intense. The heat, the dust, and the sometimes desperate lives of the people.