Patrick is a former stuntman
You are stronger than you think
Delivering a talk on stage

In addition to running workshops in developing countries, Patrick William Moore is a keynote speaker who holds talks for companies and groups on the following topics:

  • Resilience
  • Positive Mindset
  • PSE – Personal Safety Education (mostly for women and girls)
  • Overcoming Fear to Live Your Dreams

Patrick shares his story about how he turned his back on a career in law to become – of all things – a movie stuntman. This inspired him to write a book that was featured on the Today Show.

But then, one day, it all fell apart. After a traumatic event, he experienced a total collapse of the mind and spirit, and one sweltering day found himself minutes away from losing his life, only to be saved at the brink by an Unlikely Angel.

Patrick shares his back from the brink story where he discovered – the hard way – that we really are stronger than we think. He believes in “aiming for the gaps” which is a metaphor for focusing on the opportunity not the obstacle. This is the approach he uses to in his workshops to empower women in developing countries to speak up, stand tall and not be victims.

The fees collected from Patrick’s talks will assist projects in developing countries. For more information, contact Patrick William Moore directly at patrickwilliammoore@gmail.com.

Below is a list of feedback Patrick has received from talks he has delivered around the world:

US Embassy


Commonwealth Bank


Attorney General’s Office


Ray White Australia


American Express




For further information or enquiries about speaking opportunities, please contact us.