Team + Supporters

Heather Noel, USA

Strategy and Development

Heather is a lawyer from New York, USA who believes in using her skills and passion to create justice, fairness and equality for all. Her legal knowledge and energy have been a huge asset to One Billion Stronger. She also throws a pretty mean left hook.


Kus Wijesekera, Canada

Media and New Projects

From BC in Canada, Kus has been the driving force behind One Billion Stronger’s Stop the Violence photo campaign. If you’re a friend of Kus’s, you’ve most probably sent your photo to us. Kus also produced OBS videos and writes inspiring posts.

Kus Canada (1)

Patrick Moore, Australia

Founder and Workshop Presenter 

Patrick Moore began One Billion Stronger in late 2011, when he had heard just too many stories about violence. He wrote an article for Eve Enslers’ site explaining why he believes Strength is the key to preventing violence – both mental and physical. He has led workshops in Nepal, India, Indonesia, South Africa and in his native Australia.


Naveen Jindal, India

Project Sponsor

An industrialist and member of the Indian National Parliament, Naveen Jindal was the perfect person for Patrick to meet while touring India. Mr Jindal became a supporter of the cause, sponsoring a two week road trip as well as 25 further workshops that reached out to around 10,000 women and girls. See the One Billion Stronger Projects page for further details.